10 minutes of the biggest, baddest, meanest, sickest, snargliest, craziest, heaviest waves around the world! I’ve seen a lot of surfing videos and this is definatly one that summarizes all the greatest moments of these last 10 years! With Laird Hamilton, Andy Irons, Kelly Slater and many others! Footage from around the world’s oceans and all the best spots; Mavericks near st-francisco, Jaws, Teahupoo Maui, Pipeline Hawaii and more. Laird Hamilton gives a little interview about his xtreme surfing abilities and his famous ride at Teahupoo in Tahiti which changed the surfing world in its deepest core! In this great video, a couple minutes with the worst wipeouts ever! I’m sure i would die if i fucked up on a 60ft wave! Well i can’t surf so only in my dreams would i do this! I do manage quite well on bodyboard. I would LOVE to see a bodyboarder at JAWS! Bodyboard on that wave is it possible? Some crazy people surf at The Wedge at its worst so how could a couple extra feet change anything? Wipeout on a 60ft wave, the guy has to be under water for at least 1 minute! And then if the jetski doesn’t come quickly enough, you could take another 60ft wave on the head. Another minute spent in the worst laundry machine experience ever! Tough! I have a lot of respect for big wave surfing! But you have to admit they must have a death wish! We don’t hear about big wave surfers dying too often. I guess the Hawaii water patrol security guys do a good job at saving every lost soul! Heavy Barrels rule! =)

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Video from YouTube
Photos from the SurfLine website. Biggest Australian swell ever! Gigantic surf in West Oz Reef! July 2006.