Some of you might be aware that i started a company with my mother called BISSAC. We are a handbag fashion designer and manufacturer located in the South of France near Toulouse. We are launching our collections very soon so if anyone feels they have something to offer, please contact me :

BISSAC’s strength is true innovation in a market where innovation doesn’t occur anymore! When is the last time you heard of some great new innovation in the leather industry? Which is why we are proud to present the new generation of handbags and leather workings! BISSAC is the first to invent and manufacture the interchangeable-luxury bags for women and men. We are also working on a collection of wallets, coin holders, telephone cases and IPOD cases, all made from genuine high quality leather.

An electronic and paper catalogue for the BISSAC products is in creation process, but you can have a look at some of our products on the following flash animations:
Contact me if you have any questions!