Music : “CALL ON ME” & “ON FRIDAY” & “SANDR”  by Phil and Xarj

Video : The footage for this great video with tons of special effects was taken in Anglet on the Cote Basque near Biarritz. The beach closest is La Barre with its famous McDonalds right in front of the ocean! Surf boards inside the restaurant give it a darring attitude. Where else in the world can you buy your Happy Meal to go and setup your dinner table in front of the ocean to watch the darring surfers attempting the dangerous waves at La Barre on big swell days? I only know of this one! So it’s a great place to enjoy a great show comfortably watching the best show on earth! =)  So in this video, nothing about surf, it’s simply a bunch of friends dancing to non existant music. The original objective was to record great footage that Phil and I could use on our next video. And that’s exactly what we did. Starring Nico (Phil’s friend), Leslie (Phil’s girlfriend), Phil and I. On this video, i spent some long hours in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 to create a vivid environment, images should be in constant motion. The viewers eye should never get bored of watching this time consuming video. I don’t know if i’ve suceed but i was definatly about myself when i watched the final video. Premiere is the greatest video software ever! Easy to use, very fonctional and powerful!  If you have any comments, this blog can handle them! Thank you for your support! =)
Video is also available on Google and Youtube.

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Title : “Nico, Leslie, Phil and Xarj dancing in the forest”
By Xarj
Video created March 02, 2006.
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