October 15, 2004 :: CD #35

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Free Experimental Music MP3My good friend Seby has influenced some of my music creations like this one called “Last Night Party”. You’ll notice when a song is influenced by him, it will sound more “experimental” and less organic. No beautiful chords, no sweet rhythm, no intense melody. The way to perform an experimental sound is quite different in that you are not looking for perfection (in my case) nor searching for the most pleasant hearing pleasure. The sounds are stressed and do not procure a sense of well-being. Obviously i add the Xarj touch to my songs, even the experimental ones so there’s bound to be some coherence and as much melody as i can input. Seb has always enjoyed out of the ordinary music. Nothing too commercial, never! The stranger the music, the happier he is! He is just proud to have different tastes! I’m not sure he’d agree 100% with me but that’s how i see things. Home Made Music

More and more people are alike although our environment allows us to be different. But most people prefer normality and conformity in this rapidly changing world. It’s just easier to be the same then to be different. I don’t know where i stand when i say this. Don’t want to be naive so I’ll just say i don’t know…