I wanna PartyI made this song “I Wanna Party” back in May 03, 2003 : Part of CD #30. Was living in the James Leicester Hall in London. See my post about Piano and Vocals for more info about that time period.

Julien Meyland had come to visit me for a couple days. Started his trip in St-Lambert, Montreal, Canada to London, UK. He slept in my dorm room then went SOLO to Scotland to see the Loch Ness monster in Scotland! Obviously he didn’t see anything and spent 5 days walking around the lake which is humongous and it was raining all the time. He told me it was horrible! Definatly a courageous guy to go solo, 7000 km from his home to check out the Loch Ness lake! I wouldn’t have done it, not alone.

I don’t remember if i made this song before or after his departure but it definatly was around that time. Memory’s not too good for these things! Julien, let me know if i’m mistaking! I know you guys don’t care but it’s my Blog! Try and stop me from saying what the hell i want!! MOUAH AH AH !! I Rule this place! ok, i’ll stop now…

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