MUSIC – PIANO IMPRO : DJ Shadow Chords

Window is closed and Locked I love the simple piano chords in the intro of DJ Shadow’s song ; Blood on the Motorway. So i made 2 songs based on those 4 chords and in this post, a 14:41 mins Piano Impro. Those four simple chords repeated with some variations between the loops. I do not recommend listening to the entire 14 mins and paying much attention to it. You must leave it in the background while doing something else. Maybe surfing around my Blog and Podcast? 😉 So for you couragious podcast fanatics, go ahead and enjoy my piano impro!

On a different version, I sing on this Piano Impro (the first 6 mins) but I’m not a singer so it doesn’t sound amazing, i’ll leave it out for now! But it was a good practice, it was fun and i like to create variations of my songs. If you have a good voice and like this piano impro, you could record your voice on my piano track. Send me the file and I’ll compile your voice. You can have your own post! 😉

You need to know i accelerated the speed of this piano impro! I don’t think i could play piano this quickly without making more mistakes! Out of the 14 mins, there are some mistakes / mess-ups (It’s live impro!) but it’s very reasonable! If you wanna download and use some parts of my song, no problem. I’d appreciate a small comment! 😉

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