Bruce Willis with Guillaumea
Bruce Willis posing with Guillaume Jean

Photo Album with funny pictures of my classmates in 2004 at the Paris XII 12 University in the MSG (Maitrise des Sciences de la Gestion) course.

Here’s a list of my friends names featured on the funny pics:

Guillaume Jean – Aurore – Jean-philippe Michel – Karine Morin -Mike Lopez – Rodolphe Yeum – Seila Thai – Simon Brewer – Solenne Bissonnier – Mathieu Gattelier – Jean Philippe Michel – Florian Lacour – Ingrid – Alexandre Seban – Ahmed – Emilie Brehier – Sophie Yuan-Chen Lee – Sophie Michel – Caroline Prigent

Funny PhotoShop Gallery ::

Had a real blast doing these images in PhotoShop! I remember the class had a good laugh too! Some pictures are purposely done roughly with the heads way too big for the bodies. Some other pictures are near perfect like the one with Guillaume Jean and Bruce Willis, Alexandre Seban with Poch Spice, Mathieu Gatelier with Poutine and Chirac, Seila Thai as a shy girl and Solenne Bissonnier with Zinedine Zidane.

Pour mes potes de la MSG! Envoyez moi un message! Ca me ferait tellement plaisir d’avoir de vos nouvelles! ;-)