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Smart Computer Dog Installing WordPress

I have successfully migrated my WordPress installation from 1&1 hosting to my very own dedicated server. I am not an expert with Linux, MySQL and technical things so I am REAL proud of myself! Wahoo!!!

1&1 is one of the biggest Web Hosting companies but the service is bad and their servers have been very rough with my Blog and Podcast! Lots of “Error 500” and various problems. I guess it couldn’t handle the daily visitors, so I got myself a dedicated server! Up to now it’s working like a charm except I’ve had to hard reboot my server a few times for unknown reasons.

The wordpress migration from one server to the other went perfectly fine except for one thing. It took me 2 hours to figure out my .htaccess was messing up my entire site! So I deleted it and configured it properly.

How to Migrate your WordPress Installation

  1. Backup your site. Export your database using PhpMyAdmin and backup all your blog’s files through FTP.
  2. Create a Database in your new PhpMyAdmin and import your SQL file. Write down the name of the new database, the username and password to access the database.
  3. Add your new domain in your Web Control Panel (CPANEL), so it creates an FTP folder and the associations between the folder on the server and the URL request.
  4. Upload your files on your new FTP.
  5. Modify your wp-config.php file with the new database information.
  6. Modify the DNS to point to your new web server.
  7. Wait a few hours
  8. Now it should be working! I usually check all my WordPress settings and Plugins.

If your Site doesn’t Work

  • Trying deleting your .htaccess file inside the root directory.
  • Remove your php.ini if there is one.
  • Check your file and folder permissions on your FTP. You might have to chmod 777 some files and directories.
  • Are you sure the new DNS are already in place? Upload a random file and try to access it.
  • Check if your wp-config.php is correctly setup.

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