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TomTom GPS

I got an early christmas and birthday present from my girlfriend and her mother, a brand new TomTom Go 920 GPS with maps of North America and Europe! I finally have a GPS! Wahoooo!! Now that I moved back to Montreal, it will definitely be useful to find my way around the beautiful city!

I bought the TomTom GPS on Wednesday and tested all it’s features, I also tried to set the French voice but to my greatest surprise, the voice of Juliette was a mixture of French, English and Spanish! It was absolutely impossible to use the Juliette voice in French!

In Quebec, it is dangerous to sell a product that doesn’t work in the French language! They are so stuck up with their french! (btw – I am French!) So Thursday I returned the TomTom at FutureShop and exchanged it for a another one. The same freaking problem! Oh My God, I thought! And the salesman told me I was the first to have this problem! Friday I returned once again and exchanged it for another one but this time when I first turned on the machine, instead of putting the default system language to english, I set it to french. And the Juliette french voice now worked! So with the system language in french, I tried the english computer language by Susan. Guess what… The English language did not work !

So if you want to change the computer voice from French, English or Spanish, you ALSO need to change the default system language! THAT IS A HUGE BUG in the TomTom GPS Systems! It affects the Go 920 and probably the 930, 720, 730 and others. Upgrading your TomTom GPS through the TomTom Home software will NOT fix this issue as of November 22nd 2008. Hopefully a software fix will be available soon…

What TomTom GPS do you have? Do you have the same bug or problem? Are you generally satisfied with your purchase?

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