A worldwide militant Islamist group that was established by Osama bin Laden carries the name Al-Qaeda. It comprises Arabs who come and fought in Afghanistan over the Soviet Union. Al-Qaeda means “the foundation” or “the base”.  It works as an organization with multinational and stateless army and a Sunni movement appealing for a global Jihad.  In 1998 Bin Laden’s religious decree states that it is the duty of all Muslims around the world to engage in the holy war against United States of America, its citizens and Jews. Any Muslims that will disregard this will become apostates or people who have forsaken their faith. The Al-Qaeda’s beliefs is referred to as “jihadism”, is marked by a willingness to kill.

One of the primary goals of Al-Qaeda is to unite all Muslims and build a government guided by the rule of the Caliphs. The only way to achieve it is to do it by force. Their goal is therefore to put an end to Muslim governments who are seemingly known for being corrupt and state boundaries will sooner be eradicated. There’s a reported ideologues that there is a Christian-Jewish alliance works together in order to devastate Islam which is mainly the United States and the Israel alliance. From the murdering of civilians and bystanders was justified as jihad.

In running the Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden doesn’t do it all alone. Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, his probable successor which happens to be his top advisor is the Al-Qaeda’s theological leader. He comes from the upper-class family. There are also numerous individuals who were linked to Al-Qaeda. One of their characteristics includes techniques on suicide attacks and simultaneous bombings of different targets.

Various countries had been attacked by Al-Qaeda. One of these is the September 11 attacks, US Embassy bombings, Bali bombings and the Beslan school hostage crisis. The United States government therefore, launches the War on Terror. From the year 2001 to 2009, Al-Qaeda continuously is expanding.

The Al-Qaeda has been linked to the following: the assassination of Pope John Paul II in Manila in 1994, assassination of US President Clinton in the Philippines in 1995, attempted to shoot down an Israeli chartered plane in Mombasa airport in 2002.

Regardless of the United States “War on Terror”, globally Al-Qaeda is still a threat to everyone. According to Ted Gistaro, the U.S. government’s senior terrorism analyst, that Al-Qaeda is now more capable of launching possible attacks.

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