Sports had been part of daily human life. Who can live without sports? It is way of relaxation after few days of work or some kind of exercise to maintain general wellness. Some people consider sports as their career because of their innate passion towards it. Moreover it is a thing that we need to take extra precaution since the history had noted several incidents that sport may lead to death. Every person must not take sport as a combat physically. Hence the spirit of sportsmanship should always be considered. Even supporters of sport icons should also treat every action as a game and must take it easily.

One of the most popular tragedies that may in one way or another be linked to sports is the death of the Colombian Football ESCOBAR. The real motive of such crime is still unexplained since he died because of a gunshot after the successful goal against the American team in the World Cup Tournament in 1994. Since that tragedy the world murmured for its real cause until such time that an individual was pointed out to be the mastermind.

Another controversial name in sports is Hansie Cronje. A captain in cricket sports from South Africa who had been accused for fixing a match. He was given legal punishment after the trial. Cronje has been considered as one of the most admired person in South Africa and was supposed to give answers to who are the people involved in such syndicate but unfortunately he died due to plane crash. The great moral lesson that this tragedy had ever implied is not taking each game too serious.