Our eye is one of the vital parts of our human body that allows us to see the amazing world. It is often quoted as the “window of our soul”. Our eye has different colors depending on race and varies in sizes. Some individual really have big eyes that is incredibly incomparable. Of course sometimes when we got mad we tend to let our eyes open wide and it’s normal. For others, they have abnormally protruded eyes that is noticeable to people. We often claim that to having a bigger and eye liner highlighted eye seems to be adorable but when it gets too huge that normal it’s now going to be fearful. Most of this eye size abnormality is associated with specific disorder. Some people who suffer chronic illnesses may have eye protrusion as an abnormal body response. It is always best to seek for a medical advice if you do observe this unusual condition.

One specific example is the illness related to the thyroid hormone that may cause the eyes to bulge and protrude abnormally. It is sometimes due to enlargement of some muscle tissues that composed our eye known to be altered with such health condition. For people have extremely huge eyes since they were young and not having any abnormal feeling, then its just fine. But for people who seem to experience body dysfunctions and eventually observing eye protrusion, then it is best to visit the nearest medical institution to help you find out the true cause of the abnormality. So be aware of the size of your eye, is it really normal?