If you are wondering about the persons behind the white mysterious masks, read on and find out how the hot all-male dance crew in America named Jabbawockeez made it to the top of hip-hop. The talented 6-pack made it big when they appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew, ripped the dance floor and wowed the crowd with their mouth-gaping blend of various dance styles. They won the title and the $100,000 cash prize for the said TV dance competition. The team’s arrival has indeed delivered a genesis of an all-new hip-hop mix, collection of grooves and perspective thus, revolutionizing the field of break-dancing.

The members of the crew were originally from San Diego, CA and the team itself was founded in 2003. All in all they got twelve members namely Phil Tayag, Joseph Larot, Kevin Brewer, Chris Gatdula, Rainen Paguio, Ryan Ellis, Randy Bernal, Gary Kendell, Ben Chung, Saso Jimenez, Phi Nguyen and Eddie Gutierrez. The last four guys are also being the four added members to the original eight. For some reason, only the members Phil Tayag, Jeff Nguyen, Chris Gatdula, Kevin Brewer, Rainen Paguio, and Ben Chung joined the dance show that brought them to greater fame.

As a result of a desire to expose freestyle dancing, the crew was then assembled. It was the main idea of the 3 Musky: Phil Tayag, Kevin Brewer, and Joseph Larot. Gary Kendall, the deceased member (reportedly due to pneumonia and meningitis), was the group’s another co-creator. In fact, “Gee One” (aka Gary Kendell) was known to be the leader of the band. That’s why after his death, he became the crew‘s inspiration on America’s Best Dance Crew appearances.

As everyone else who truly made it to the top, Jabbawockeez had humble beginnings. Their first showcases are among San Diego and Los Angeles club events including launches to several television shows and on some films. In the year 2007, they presented their moves at the America’s Got Talent but unfortunately they lost it. Now apparently the defeat didn’t mar their determination. Once again, they hit the dance floor and finally smashed all the way to triumph. MTV’s dance show America’s Best Dance Crew led them to the spotlight and soon enough carved a name that defines all-new hip-hop legacy.

On the initial 2008 season of the ABCD show, they outperformed Status Quo and claimed the champ title. The newest trendsetters become instant “idols” in the world of break-dancing, b-boying, b-girling, krumping, and hip-hop in general. They truly live their ultimate dream of “inspiring the planet with their dance and music”. From boob tube to YouTube and to everywhere else, watching them can simply make you clap, smile, and just watch in awe.

Unstoppable world-wide recognition has surely changed the lives of each crew member. With pioneers to hip hop dancing as support plus fans across the globe, who won’t feel lucky. It is almost an expectation that Jabbawockeez would pass on a mark in dancing not just to today’s era but all the way to the coming ones.

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