An Angel Crossing the Borders of Classical Music

An 11-year old girl Jackie Evancho could easily be mistaken for an adult opera singer if you happen to listen to her voice blindfolded. Jacqueline Marie Evancho or nicknamed “Jackie” is an American singer and musician. An angel was born April 9, 2000 to Michael and Lisa Evancho. She is second to a brood of four: one older brother, one younger brother and a younger sister. From a suburb in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the brilliant performer has achieved one of her most shining moments when she reached second place overall in the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. With her extraordinary voice for a small child, it’s not a surprise she garnered one of the top spots in the famous reality showcase of talents.

Life before AGT became a fateful step to stardom for Jackie Evancho. It is the movie “Phantom of the Opera” that’s said to have awaken the passion inside the singing angel’s heart. It’s a long movie that captured her attention and soon led her to her own dreams. After that trip to the cinemas, young Jackie started to sing and that’s when she’s seven.  Her parents realized that their daughter doesn’t have a cute singing voice, rather an incredible gift that must be shared to the world.

After her parents’ discovery of this great talent, they let her join the local talent competition Kean Idol in 2008.  The song “Wishing You Were Here Somehow” brought her to the 1st runner up position, second to a 20-year old contestant. Unsurprisingly, she entered to more singing contests and then created her very own YouTube channel.  With a soprano voice quite rare to children her age group, the Evanchos didn’t hesitate to show off what their oldest daughter Jackie Evancho got- which is surely “out of the ordinary”.

It seems that success is usually earned after defeat. It may be unthinkable today but yes, Jackie was in fact rejected twice by America’s Got Talent. When the hopeful Jackie auditioned in person in her local Philadelphia, the show turned her down. YouTube became her ticket all the way to the AGT center stage. Mike Evancho found out that the talent show was doing YouTube auditions so they decided to set something up for her.

Her clips on YouTube site earned the most votes from fans. The stunning performances that they witnessed were simply unforgettable. Then finally, she appeared on the AGT fifth season show that awakened hidden emotions and passions among audiences. Her music is greatly influenced by her favorite artists: Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Being the first runner up of the America’s Got Talent has indeed helped her reach for her dreams.

The AGT talent unquestionably recorded classical crossover genre which also includes traditional Christmas carols as fit for a girl her age even though she sings like a 30-year old opera singer. Her self-created release “Prelude to a Dream” soared up to Billboard’s at No. 2, which is just another gateway to greater dreams for Jackie Evancho.

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