After the “Big Kiss” of Justin Bieber and the Disney star Selena Gomez who was clothed in a smoking hot black dress at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, the pop icons were once again spotted together in Hawaii. Together with Justin’s mother, the two were caught enjoying their meal at the Four Seasons in Maui, Hawaii on the afternoon of Wednesday this week.

And they were found at ease unwinding in the amiable Maui. But before they head to Hawaii, they were also spotted dating in the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel where they champed on a pizza in a hidden restaurant. They shared it with two of their bodyguards.

The two are now allegedly dating since their revelation in a press conference in Indonesia recently, where they kissed in front of the media. Their relationship started behind the limelight at the end of last year. And they made every effort to keep their relationship hidden. They described it as just ‘being friends’, while they kissed hiding in buses. A rumor about Selena getting pregnant even spread.

But now, they’re no more hiding! They are recently seen kissing openly in public in different occasions, they walked together in malls, enjoying each other even with paparazzi around. They decided to publicize their romance since Selena said that she doesn’t like hiding and that she’s already eighteen, she will eventually fall in love. And when asked if she ever felt in love before, she simply said that she may have experienced such feelings and had her heart broken but for her, it was not actually love. The young star expressed that she is prepared for meeting new people, exploring herself a little more, and experiencing being in love.

A lot of Beiber fans criticize Selena because they don’t want her as Justin’s girl. But when Justin’s friend and tour-mate Jessica Jarell was asked about what she thinks about Justin’s new girl, she thinks that Selena is perfect for him. Jessica knows JB very well since they’ve been together a lot of times on and off stage. She had spent time with the two on her birthday party and she found Selena beautiful inside and out. She even considers the gal as one of her favorite people.When Selena was asked how she managed a relationship with a guy of a big name like Justin Bieber, she answered sounding mature beyond her years saying that there’s no point in keeping track of the whereabouts of the person when you know he’s busy.

With all the pressure Justin and Selena are getting in their relationship, we never know what might happen next. The fact is, the two are currently enjoying each other and they seem to handle all the pressure pretty well.

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