People recognize Meg Ryan as one of the most amazing and most beautiful Hollywood actress of all times. She exudes such an elegant aura and has a wonderful smile.

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra or more popularly known as Meg Ryan was born on November 19, 1961 in Fairfield Connecticut. Her mother was an actress and a teacher, while her father was a math teacher. Her mother supported Meg Ryan in her pursuit of acting.

Before she became a famous actress, she landed supporting roles in various soap operas and movies. Like any other actress, she started small. She landed various supporting roles in the industry in TV Shows and movies like Amityville 3-D, Promised Land, Top Gun, Innerspace, The Presidio, and D.O.A.

Like most actresses who get their breakthrough through acting, Meg Ryan found hers in the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, where she played the lead actress. She received a Golden Globe nomination for that role, which made her even more well-known. She then starred in a couple of moderately successful films like The Doors and Prelude to a Kiss. She had a successful film though when she was paired with Tom hanks ion Sleepless in Seattle. This gave her even more attention as an actress.

Because she seemed to be attached to the romantic comedy genre, she wanted to step away and try other genres of acting. In 1994, she starred in When a Man Loves a Woman, which is still a romantic drama, but the comedy part was not there anymore. It was a serious social drama where she played as an alcoholic guidance counselor. She was complimented by movie critics for her versatile acting.

The peak of her films was reached during the 1990s, because almost all of her films were successful. They were not only well-known in Hollywood, but her acting was widely recognized across the globe. She even won a People Magazine award, and was named one of the 50 most beautiful women of the world. She then starred in another romantic comedy, French Kiss. By this time, people were considering Meg Ryan to be an American sweetheart. In 1997, she voiced the lead in Anastasia. In 1998, she did two films – one with Nickholas Sparks in City of Angels, and one with Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail. Both films became financially successful worldwide.

In 2003, Meg Ryan had a downfall in her movie success. She was casted as the lead in In the Cut, an erotic thriller. In the film she had various graphic nude scenes, and although the firm garnered a lot of attention, it failed to bring financial success. Somehow, Hollywood missed the sweet Meg Ryan.

Although Meg Ryan had many other films in the recent decade, her most financially successful film was Kate and Leopold, alongside with co-star Hugh Jackman. It earned a whopping seventy million dollars worldwide. Meg Ryan continues to make films and movies. It was rumored that she is starting her directing debut this 2011.

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