Steven Tyler has become a legendary music icon in the United States of America. He is even known as the Demon of Screamin’ for his front acts in his band, Aerosmith. He has also gained popularity because of his beautiful daughter Liv Tyler, who has become a one of the greatest actresses in America and for her fashion sense. Recently, Steven Tyler has gained much attention due to his appearance as a judge in the latest season of American Idol.

Originally, Steven Tyler popularity peaked with the popularity of his band. As the front act, of course he gets a lot of attention. Aerosmith was also one of the most popular bands in the 1970s. The band was considered one of the classic legends in the United States. The band, and Tyler of course, gained much popularity for their album Toys in the Attic and Rocks. He was also known for the scarves that he wore during his performances, and it kind of became his signature performance look.

Steven Tyler did not consistently keep his popularity. After being involved in drug and alcohol use and addiction, his popularity subsided, along that of his band. The band had other problems too, and was forced to dismember for a while. After Steven Tyler has finished his rehab, the band came together and toured again around late 1980s. With their comeback came even more popularity for the star.

In 1991, Steven Tyler gained even more popularity, this time because of an alleged rumor that has been proven true. Her daughter to model Bebe Buell, Liv was introduced to him for the first time, and she became well known to the public. Liv herself became a popular actress garnering much attention because of her sense of style.

Steven Tyler and his band continued to do tours, even after suffering from many problems during their comeback tour. This includes manager problems, injuries and rumors spreading around. However, around 2009, Joe Perry announced that Steven Tyler quit Aerosmith to pursue a solo career, but he did not confirm it. Still, Steven Tyler performed with the band.

At present, Steven Tyler is one of the three judges of American Idol. Some people love him, some people don’t. His popularity rises as he has toured around the world with his band before he became a judge. With American Idol being internationally renowned, Steven Tyler is definitely gaining popularity points across the world.

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