The National Day of Prayer

Every year the National day of Prayer is celebrated on the first Thursday of May in the United Sates. This is the time when every individual were asked to turn to God through constant prayer and meditation. Annually, the United States President will sign a proclamation inviting all Americans to pray on the said day. It was in 1952 wherein this annual celebration is being formalized. President George Washington as the first US President created this mandate.

According to President Thomas Jefferson in 1808, he stated that religious exercises include both prayer and fasting and is considered to be an act of discipline. On the other hand however, it is the religious society can determine on the appropriate time in making these exercises with the accordance of their doctrine wherein the Constitution has deposited it.

The National Day of Prayer is a very significant part of our cultural heritage. It is when the Continental Congress invites all groups to pray for wisdom and seek guidance. The call of prayer has become a part of our history since it continuously went through. In the proclamation of President Lincoln in 1863 it has been declared as a day of “humiliation, fasting and prayer”.  A joint resolution in by Congress was signed in 1952 by President Truman declared an annual National day of Prayer. On the year 1988, US President Reagan amended the law and set its permanent date on every first Thursday of the month of May. Yearly, all Americans were invited to pray on this day. All 50 state governors and the some of the United States territories also sign the same proclamations.

The significance of the National day of Prayer is for the Americans to be united as a nation and to grow as one. It gathers us together to come humbly before God to ask his guidance for all our leaders and His glory to each and every one of us. Establishing the National day of Prayer means we give importance to prayer in uniting and strengthening our nation before, now and forever.

The National day of Prayer is owned by all Americans. It brings all Americans from different walks of life together.  We will always be reminded that no matter how many times we have lost our freedom, Let must come and pray collectively to seek God’s guidance and wisdom among us in order to live in perfect harmony.

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