Everyone is dreaming to be like a prince and princess while they sleep at night. The best way to feel like a prince and princess is to sleep in luxurious and expensive hotels. It is being called the top ten most luxurious hotels due to the payments to be paid and the amazing suite inside. Certainly after seeing this top list hotel of the most expensive hotels in the world you would experience and go of these luxurious and elegant hotels.

The following are the top ten most luxurious hotels in the world 2011:

10.  Imperial Suite in Park Hyatt-Vendôme

Location: Paris, France

Imperial Suite in Park Hyatt, Vendôme Lounge

With regards to Paris it is mostly describe luxurious, elegant and expensive place. Like hotels in France the Imperial suite were being located at the 2nd floor at Park Hyatt-Vendôme Haussmanian building. This imperial suite cost $ 15, 000 at night. All the amenities were can be found in the Imperial Suite with the grand terrace, spacious foyer and many more.

9.  Royal Suite in Four Seasons George V

Location: Paris, France

Royal Suite in Four Seasons George V

Royal Suite in Four Seasons George V Bedroom

Another classic and luxurious hotel in France which is costly paid for $16, 000 per night. This type of royal suite were being separated with the spaces wherein each suits has its own bathroom for sleeping and one for the entertaining guest with a complete amenities. It is located on the 1st floor which is being direct access in the private terrace overlooking to the historic Art Deco fountain.

8. Royal Armleder Suite

Location: Le Richemond, Geneva, Switzerland

Royal Armleder Suite

This is a type of suite in Switzerland which is being decorated of parquit floors and gold mosaic with the cost of $ 17, 500 per night. Inside the suite you can have sightseeing the beautiful countryside of Geneva and Alpine Mountain. It is being located at the 7th floor and all your payments may be worthy for only one night staying in this suite.

7. Royal Suite in Burj Al Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Royal Suite in Burj Al Arab

It is a beautiful and unique hotel in United Arab Emirates which is costly pain for about $ 18,000 per night. It is being known as among the most luxurious hotels and the most photographed structures in the world. Certainly staying this suite was worthy, unforgettable, impressive with the chauffeur driven in your own.

6.  Ritz-Carlton Suite in The Ritz-Carlton

Location:  Moscow, Russia

Ritz-Carlton Suite

It is the breathtaking, awesome and impressive hotels in Russia which costly paid for about $ 18, 200 each night. The best in this suite is having sightseeing in Red Square, Kremlin, Saint. Basil’s Cathedral and Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow. The entire suite was a sociable amenities with complete furnished of Russian style and their excellent services.

5. The Penthouse Suite, The Martinez Hotel

Location: Cannes, France

The Penthouse Suite

The Martinez Hotel

Another hotel from France with the costly paid for about $18, 500 each night. It is being decorated with the Art Deco Style with streamlined furniture, a silk curtain with a parquet floor. It is among the top European luxury hotels due to the technology with aesthetic overtones surrounded. The payments will be worthy even for only staying in one night.

4. Bridge Suite at The Atlantis

Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Bridge Suite at The Atlantis

The Atlantis Resort

This has suites that consist of 10 rooms and become a bridge between the 2 towers. The bridge suite at the Atlantis cost of $ 25, 000 each night which is among the premier luxury resort destination in Bahamas. The entire suite has unique amenities with a 22 gold chandelier and very spacious bedrooms.

3. TY Penthouse, Four Seasons

Location: New York, United States

TY Penthouse at Four Seasons

TY Penthouse, Four Seasons

This suite is located at the 52nd floor in the tallest hotel in NY with the payment of $ 34, 000 each night. This suite has a complete amenities, breathtaking sightseeing in the entire NY city with the best services that they gave. Every detail of the suite surrounded with a semi precious stones surfaces to fabric with a platinum and gold that your payment may be really worthy.

2. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Palms Casino Resort

Location: Las Vegas, United States

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort

The best of this suite is the own glass wall Jacuzzi with the payment of $ 40,000 with full of amenities, amazing rooms and many more wherein your payment will be worthy for just staying only in one night. The suite cost roughly $ 10 million to build that derived from the playboy mansion.  The suite was a perfect place in sight seeing at the Sky Villa and the great services that they gave to the customer.

1. Royal Penthouse Suite in President Wilson Hotel

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Royal Penthouse Suite in President Wilson Hotel

President Wilson Hotel

This suite is the most expensive hotels in the world. What can you imagine staying in a hotel with the cost of $53, 000 each night? Certainly this kind of hotel was a perfect paradise to stay, a perfect place together with a family. All the views you wanted to see was overlooking through the bullet proof glass. You can see the entire city like the Lake Geneva and Mount Blanc. Mostly celebrities prefer to stay in this suite.