Plastic surgery receives lots of controversies from different countries and people all throughout its existence. There are those that benefited from this procedure and there are also those that are harmed and gained complications from errors. Complications are not impossible with this medical procedure but despite all of these negative things happening, plastic surgery has become a worldwide phenomenon and desired by most people. There are very common surgeries that re most common. Do you want to know what those are?

These are the most popular plastic surgeries in the World 2011:     

*10. Ostoplasty (Plastic Ears)*

This surgery is done when patient want to change the appearance of their external ears. Some people are unfortunate to have undesirable look of their ears and make them look unattractive. Plastic ears can change ear forms like reshaping various bends in the cartilage, ear pinning (bringing the ears closer to the head) and reducing the sore. Yearly, about 42 433 ostoplasy are done.  

*9. Raising the Forehead*

This plastic surgery is for people that are not comfortable with the appearance of their forehead. Raising forehead is very common among people around the world and there are more than 42 433 transactions yearly.    

*8. Dermabrasion*

Are you vain with your skin condition? Dermabrasion is the best cosmetic procedure for you. This can turn your ugly and rough skin to beautiful and smooth one. In this surgery the outer skin is removed to let the 2nd layer of the skin be exposed. As of recent surveys, there are about 68 636 dermabrasion activities annually worldwide.  

   *7. Breast Lift*

It is a universal desire for women to have breast in the right position making them very attractive. There are those instances like breast feeding or genetically influenced that breast become saggy. To address this kind of problem, breast lifts are made. Some men also engaged in this plastic surgery that is why there are more than 80 000 breast lifts a year.      

*6. Rhytidectomy (Facelift)*

Facelift is a worldwide hit. This cosmetic procedure provides a way for people to attain youthful look and get rid of those wrinkles and saggy skin in the face. Yearly there are about 112 955 transactions done all around the world.    

 *5. Tummy Tucks (Abdomen platy)*

With this kind of plastic surgery, abdomen is made firmer. The excessive skin and fats from the lower and middle abdomen are removing to achieve tightening of the fascia and muscle of the abdomen wall.    

 *4. Liposuction *

For many years, liposuction is one of the most convenient ways to lose those unwanted fats. As of the recent statistics, there are about 203 106 liposuctions a year.      

*3. Eyelid Surgery*

People love to have beautiful eyes and to have this; people should have all parts surrounding the eyes also fantastic. The eyelid surgery will make your eyes even more gorgeous.    

*2. Correction of the Nose*

Nose can make a perfect face. Because of this factor, there are so many people that are having this plastic surgery yearly. Correction of the nose is 2nd most popular plastic surgery all over the world because it provides people with their most desired look form and look of their noses.    

1. *Augmentation*

Either its breast augmentation of lip augmentation, people love augmentations. This kind of surgery is on the top due to its ability to give individuals with the perfection they all wished for. Augmentation is their way of making themselves most beautiful and desirable.