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Any Given Sunday

Al Pacino as manager, Jamie Foxx as a temperamental quarterback and Cameron Diaz as an intrusive owner, covering this team would be a journalists dream. The Miami Sharks find themselves struggling to make the playoffs and with regular quarterback Dennis Quaid out injured, manager D’Amato (Pacino) turns to Willie Beamen (Foxx) to save their campaign.

Chariots Of Fire

With the Olympics under a hundred days away, GB’s athletes should have this filmed planted into their training schedules. Following the fortunes of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams in the lead up to the 1924 Paris games, the two runners from different backgrounds compete for gold in this Oscar winning film with a superb soundtrack.


The ultimate underdog, the Italian Stallion had to beat the odds on six separate occasions, which begs the question, why do people continually write him off? Sly Stallone
’s character became an inspiration to millions, leading the city of Philadelphia to erect a statue of the fictitious champion.

Jerry Maguire

Possibly the only agent that sports fans share any positive feelings for, Jerry Maguire shows that travelling the country watching sports isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. Making sure the needs of his only client Rod Tidwell are met, Maguire attempts to combine a new marriage into his hectic schedule but still has time to show his client the money.

Fever Pitch

In between sweeping Bridget Jones off her feet and solving the King’s speech impediment, Colin Firth showed us he’s just as comfortable standing on the North Bank on a Saturday. In a film where the spectator is the main character, Firth plays the role we all live, showing nothing is more important than your team collecting three points.
There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

If Fever Pitch shows what life is like as a supporter, Jimmy Grimble portrays every fans dream of being signed by your favourite club. Man City fan Jimmy’s footballing talent comes out when he’s given an old pair of boots and leads his school to tournament glory. He then signs for City, choosing them over richer neighbours United, how times change.


It was a story that inevitably got made for the big screen. Nelson Mandela’s South Africa were in change, the newly formed president had been released from prison and the nation was set to welcome the rugby world. All that was missing was a winning team, enter Francois Pienaar and his men.

The Wrestler

In his return to a leading role, Mickey Rourke plays Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson in a film that depicts the struggles retired professionals face when competition no longer becomes a regular activity. It’s also a film that proves to the doubters of professional wrestling that, although it may be choreographed, the pain and dedication is certainly not fake.

Raging Bull

Giving one of the finest acting performances ever seen, Robert DeNiro depicted Jake LaMotta to such an extent that it was said he could’ve beaten a number of professional boxers at the time. The story of LaMotta shows his immense courage as a fighter combined with a very graphic personal life that won DeNiro an Oscar for best actor.

Hoop Dreams

While the other films on this list have focused on the outcome of professional athletes, this film shows the struggles to become a professional. Following two Chicago high school students hoping to make it to the upper echelons of the NBA, it is a documentary that showcases the struggle of making the grade from inner-city life, taking in 90-minute commutes between school and practice. A real eye-opening and insightful documentary.

Written by Annabel, writer and blogger for Chillisauce