The top 3 gaming consoles of 2012 are:

  • 1st is Xbox 360
  • 2nd is PlayStation 3
  • 3rd is Nintendo Wii

xbox 360

Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 is the predecessor to the Xbox and is a Microsoft product.  Xbox is the first gaming console to introduce online gaming for unparallel multiple players’ option, and soon all the other consoles started coming out with this feature. With 33 million plus counting users already on Xbox live platform and the most user friendly and easy to use interface Xbox 360 is the bestselling video game console in the market. Microsoft has constantly made improvements and refinements like enhancing video quality, employing internet functions and adding different multimedia formats.

The difference between the Elite, Pro and Arcade models are very few and the gaming experience is the same in all Xbox 360 versions. The video and graphical experience is drastically improved and computing is faster in the 360 versions. The 360 uses HD DVD instead of Blu-ray, and comes with a huge internal space to save number of HD video games. Pros of owning a Xbox 360 is that it has the biggest and best community in the internet and makes playing the most difficult and demanding games easy. Cons of owning an Xbox 360 is it doesn’t have a Blu-ray player and live account information has to be changed by calling the live account support.

Verdict: Xbox 360 is the all round gaming consol for all age groups.

playstation 3

PlayStation 3:

PlayStation 3 is a Sony product and is the 3rd gaming console to be released, and is the predecessor to PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 3 is made by combining the best of entertainment and gaming world has to offer. This gaming console comes equipped with the best Blu-ray player and PSN Network that is similar to Xbox Live Platform is an online gaming community. PlayStation 3 is a very close competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360; it is only second to Xbox 360 in sales worldwide and less users on their online gaming platform.

Sony is well known to employ all their best products in one gadget, The PS3 is no different it comes fully loaded with the latest invention from Sony’s arsenal for multimedia and gaming. The PS3 is the only gaming console to have a Blu-ray player as Blu-ray is also a Sony product. Online gaming features are enhanced form the PS2 version and do a wonderful job. Pros of owning a PS3 is for its multimedia options and the Blu-ray player. Cons are can easily hack into PlayStation network.

Verdict: PS3 is the best entertainment cum gaming console available.


Nintendo Wii:

Nintendo Wii is the best selling gaming console worldwide and outranks its competitors when it comes to sales by close to 30 million units. The Wii is the very first gaming console to introduce wireless remote controls which function on a Point and Detect Motion Sensor with 3D. The sails shot up due to the introduction of wireless controls. Nintendo Wii is considered more of a fun console that can be enjoyed by kids with their family when 360 and PS3 are termed hardcore gaming and entertainment consoles. Nintendo Wii is 3rd in the list and will continue being 3rd because they do not have any fancy games preferred by hardcore gamers.

Nintendo Wii targets the younger generation of gamers who enjoy playing motion enabled games and for family members to play along and is a definite crowd pleaser when you r kids and their friends get together. Nintendo Wii is not for all those hardcore gamers who prefer HD graphic and enjoy playing war, slash &hack games as Nintendo Wii do not have such games. Nintendo Wii’s online gaming network is very small when compared to Xbox 360 and PS3. Pros of owning a Nintendo Wii is motion control and a guaranteed family entertainer. Cons are very poor processing power when compared to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Verdict: This is the best gaming console for youngsters.


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