Great Animation Music Clip

Great Animation Music Clip Song called Forget Me by unknown artist. Beautiful video clip using a very interesting style with obscure montage and what it seems like a mixture of digital and analogic. The music and soundtrack are very entertaining and will send you in a deep feeling of … Continue reading

End of the World Animation

End of the World Animation This animation video clip is done by french students from Ecole Superieure des Metiers Artistiques in 2007. It is beautifuly made and the graphics are very detailed and accurate! So much time must have been put into this animation project! Very impressive! Visit … Continue reading

Hand Painting Video

Hand Painting Video This video features a very talented artist, Dan Dunn, who paints huge turning canvas with his bare hands. No brush whatsoever, only hand painting. Dan's art is quite artistic and he performs a real show in front of the camera and audience. Dan Dunn is a professional … Continue reading

Lego Mario Brothers

Lego Mario Brothers Amazing video of Mario Brothers made from lego and in stop motion animation. Beautifuly made and perfectly synchronized. Doesn't this lego mario brother video clip bring back good old momeries? Does for me! I finished that mario bros game numerous times on gameboy. Watch … Continue reading

Ninja Baby Video

Ninja Baby Video The ninja baby is born and the mother spends all her time with him. The husband is jealous and gets a razor to shave and have a soft facial skin. The dads skin is softer than the baby ninja so mom goes back to daddy. In the video, the baby is mad and will fight the evil … Continue reading