Great Animation Music Clip

Great Animation Music Clip Song called Forget Me by unknown artist. Beautiful video clip using a very interesting style with obscure montage and what it seems like a mixture of digital and analogic. The music and soundtrack are very entertaining and will send you in a deep feeling of … Continue reading

End of the World Animation

End of the World Animation This animation video clip is done by french students from Ecole Superieure des Metiers Artistiques in 2007. It is beautifuly made and the graphics are very detailed and accurate! So much time must have been put into this animation project! Very impressive! Visit … Continue reading

Lego Mario Brothers

Lego Mario Brothers Amazing video of Mario Brothers made from lego and in stop motion animation. Beautifuly made and perfectly synchronized. Doesn't this lego mario brother video clip bring back good old momeries? Does for me! I finished that mario bros game numerous times on gameboy. Watch … Continue reading

Surviving in Jail Animation

Surviving in Jail Animation This extremely well made cartoon animation video clip features a person entering a jail. He's small and weak and he'll get beaten up many times until he finds a small insect one of the big imates is afraid of. Things will improve for the guy in surviving the jail. … Continue reading

Western Robots Video

Western Robots Video Animation video called "Twit Twit" featuring a robot playing banjo in the far west in a western cowboy animation movie. The robot wants to cross the train barrier but they old robot doesn't let him. By Esra Bretagne July 2007 Watch the Western Robot Video … Continue reading