December 23rd, 2008Lion + Tiger = Liger

Lion + Tiger = Liger

Lion + Tiger = Liger Photo Gallery The Liger is a hydrid cat born of the union of a tigress and a male lion. The Liger, as well as hybrids between different feline species, is the result of a completely artificial crossing. There is no possible natural hybrid feline, given the geographical distance, different periods […]

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September 25th, 2008Jump and Fly Kitty Cat – Video

Jump and Fly Kitty Cat – Video

Jump and Fly Kitty Cat

My girlfriend’s little kitty cat is the star of this new funny animal video! That crazy, fury and hairy cat loves to go upstairs on our bed since it’s the most comfortable place in the appartement. When she does that, she leaves a ton of cat hair on the bed and I simply couldn’t stand it anymore! How do I teach a cat not to go upstairs on our bed?

Hureca! Everytime the kitty cat has the very bad idea to go into our very forbidden sacred room, I block the staircase so she cannot get back down and she is stuck upstairs!

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My Girlfriend’s Crazy Cat – Video

Master of Crazy Cats Dead Cat on the Sofa My Girlfriend’s Cat is Crazy! I’ve been living with this cat for 3 months now and it still does not allow me to touch her. If I dare try to caress it, I’ll get bitten and scratched hard! Only this cat’s master, my girlfriend, can touch […]

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