Gellert Baths Spa in Budapest

Gellert Baths in Budapest, Hungary :: Pictures Photos taken during my 4600km Europe Road Trip About Gellert Baths in Buda :: Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool, also called Gellért fürdo or Gellért Baths, is one of the most beautiful and elegant baths in Budapest, built between … Continue reading

Budapest in Hungary Photos

Budapest in Hungary Photos Gallery :: Travel Europe! Photos taken during my Road Trip in Europe About my Trip to Budapest :: We got to Budapest Tuesday night. It’s a BIG city! 1.7 million inhabitants. A lot bigger than the other cities we had been through. We got on the Buda side and saw … Continue reading

Heviz Spa in Hungary

Hévíz Spa and Szent András Hospital :: Image Gallery Travel in Central Europe Photos taken during my European Road Trip About the Heviz Spa next to Lake Balaton in Hungary :: Hévíz Spa and the Szent András Hospital, Hévíz is a spa in Hungary. The complex balneological treatment … Continue reading

Lake Balaton in Hungary

Lake Balaton in Hungary :: Gallery of Photos :: Europe Travel 2007 Photos taken during my Road Trip in Europe About my Trip to Lake Balaton :: The border to enter Hungary was a bit more serious than the previous ones. We had to show the car registration papers and the man asked us if we … Continue reading