Lasse Gjertsen Amateur – Stop Motion Music Video

Lasse Gjertsen :: Amateur – Stop Motion Music Lasse Gjertsen was born in Larvik, Norway on July 19, 1984. Lasse is a Norwegian animator, musician, and videographer who became famous from his videos on YouTube. His 5 most popular videos have been seen more than 16 million times on Youtube alone. Video Description by Lasse […]

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January 27th, 2008STOP MOTION MUSIC by XarJ

My Stop Motion Music Video inspired by Lasse Gjertsen Piano, Vocals and beatbox by Xarj I was watching videos on Youtube when i found a series of stop motion video clips. People playing instruments; piano, guitar, beatbox and drums. The sound and video tracks had been cut in a stop motion manner. This creates a […]

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