Home Alone Remix Music

"Home Alone" Music Remix by Xarj I called this song Home Alone not because of the movie but simply because I was home alone when I recorded this song. My titles often have to do with my mental state, my current activities etc... I have created this song with Acid Pro and the many loop samples … Continue reading

Memories by Xarj – Music MP3

Memories by Xarj - Music MP3 I recorded this song called "Memories" in 2004 so the style is quite different than my more recent creations. Good old piano, some simple effects, double vocals by myself, an effective melody, some slow beats and a cute overall feeling. Back in 2004 I thought this … Continue reading

Semisonic DND by XarJ Music MP3

SemiSonic DND SemiSonic Music MP3 - Xarj Version One minute mp3 using the great loop from Semisonic's song "DND". I added some piano and beats. I haven't had time to increase the length of the song and maybe add some lyrics and vocals. One day! If you use a music creation software like … Continue reading