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Jet Ski Chambre d'Amourbodysurfer at La Barre

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My Short Trip to the Basque Country!  September 29 to October 1 2006. I left my boring surroundings to have some fun and action for a couple days in the Basque country. Purpose of this trip, to buy half priced cigarettes and alcohool AND most important, SURF ! Lucky for me, the swell had picked up from the flat summer conditions. After my four hour drive, flew to Spain to buy the stuff then spent the remaining of the day at the beach to surf! First spot was at the Surf Club in Anglet. Thanks to David (who’s wearing the Bissac Vinci male bag on the photo) i had a place to stay during my trip! He’s also a bodyboard surfer. On my last day, the waves were too big! Closing out all the time, except for the toe and surfing, no one was surfing in Anglet. So i checked out all the supposetly good spots and ended up at Hendaye. The only place that was surfable that Sunday. 1000 people in the water! Few bodyboard surfers. You can’t compete against the long board surfers, they can catch a wave much easier! So i spent three hours in the water but only caught a few waves. After my session, i left directly back home. Four hours later, here i am back in the real life. Boring and filled with stress!