Bees as part of our ecosystem also have role to play in the environment. They greatly help in pollination that is essential to plants. There are only few people who care for bees since they may hurt us in some way. One of the most noted person who took care of bees in their place is Margaret Bell. She was acclaimed for her unconditional love towards bees by keeping a large numbers of them in her place at Leintwardine, approximately 7 miles from her residence in Ludlow, Shropshire (England). Unfortunately she died in the year 1994 and later after her bereavement, the villagers were totally shocked by the strange number of bees visited in the nearby street fronting the house where she stayed for 26 long years. There were also bees observed to stay in the roof and amazingly created buzzing sound for almost an hour.

The local media had documented this event as a rare and seems to be mysterious. Since then it had been said that the bees paid respect for Margaret bell for her unending love and care to the bees. This event simply shows that humans and animals must live in mutual understanding. With the benefit that bees had provided to Margaret bell, she also repaid it by giving them a chance to live with her with security and abundance. It has been known that the life of Margaret Bell is a good example that once bees and all other insects given attention and care they also gives her respect and love even at the last moment of her existence.

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