Stunning scenery which grabs you to visit

Each individual on this planet has a place they dream to travel to, either local or international. There are so many breath taking places in this world and it is really hard to decide the best place to visit. I have tried my best to narrow down things for you, yes I know there are […]

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Money Spent On Expensive Optics Is A Waste If You Fail To Give Your Camera And Lens A Stable Platform

All professional photographers know that if the technique is right then every photograph you take will be apt to be included in the national geographic magazine. Most of the amateur photographers think that buying expensive optics and spending a bucket load of money on lenses and DSLRs is all that you need to do to […]

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How to Use Stock Photography Effectively

Used effectively, stock photography can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your website and drive clicks and conversions. However, for stock photography to do its job, it needs to be selected carefully and used judiciously. Too often, website owners think that stock photography is a substitute for good design and content – which it isn’t. […]

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5 Less Known Tips For Achieving Excellent Winter Photos

Photographers, both amateur and professionals, who are lucky enough to live in climates where winter is accompanied by extraordinary snowy landscapes every year, have the chance to take a great set of pictures this season. The all-white streets, forests and fields provide an excellent opportunity for artistic snapshots that neither the first sunny days of […]

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What girls should know about their cars

There are women out there who will read this article and roll their eyes. They may find it demeaning, insulting and a whole host of other -ings that aren’t very nice at all. And I get that. Today’s woman is smart, savvy, sexy and independent in every facet of her life. She doesn’t need anyone […]

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January 4th, 2012Beautiful Tornadoes Pictures

Beautiful Tornadoes Pictures

Beautiful Tornados Pictures A tornado is a vortex of extremely violent winds, beginning at the base of a thunderstorm cloud when the shear conditions are favorable winds in the lower atmosphere. Very small tornadoes may also develop under clouds of rain. This meteorological phenomenon has a destructive power greater than that of a tropical cyclone […]

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September 20th, 2011Tips For Memorable Landscapes

Tips For Memorable Landscapes

How often during our travels have we seen stunning scenery that we thought would make an amazing picture, but lacked the confidence and knowledge to capture it? Have no fear, because getting great landscapes with digital cameras is more a matter of being in the right place at the right time than having great technical […]

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St Gothard Tunnel – Picture Gallery

Saint Gotthard Swiss Tunnel – Longest tunnel in the world The yard of St Gothard Tunnel – The realization of the tunnel Gotthard will need 10 years of study and 15 years of construction. The new rail line will be commissioned in late 2013, and the tunnel Gotthard will be the longest railway tunnel in […]

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August 23rd, 2009Suspended Monastary

Suspended Monastary

Suspended China Monastery The China Shanxi Datong The Hengshan monastery has the particularity of being built on the wall of a mountain to protect the monks inside. This superior view allowed the people to see invasion soon enough for them to barricade themselves. Beautiful China Suspended Monastry Photos :: Xuan Kong Si Related Images:

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June 28th, 2009Stunning Pictures

Stunning Pictures

Stunning Pictures This is an amazing picture gallery with truly stunning pictures. A bit of everything for everybody. See some pictures in sky, a guy holding on to the exterior of a train, lots of satellite antennas on the building’s roofs, a cat in attack mode, a dangerous animal as a house pet in Africa, […]

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