Each individual on this planet has a place they dream to travel to, either local or international. There are so many breath taking places in this world and it is really hard to decide the best place to visit. I have tried my best to narrow down things for you, yes I know there are other stunning places to visit, but I think these unique and beautiful views and destinations will greatly help you find something unique. I hope this article will cater for all your reading as I have always tried and wanted to explore as many different types of beautiful places as I could just for you I also should mention that these are not meant to be in any kind of order, they are all great choices, and I will let you be the judge.

Taj Mahal

The sunset at the Taj Mahal

India It is a fantastic museum that came into existence a few centuries ago, this building was initially built as a tribute to the wife of the most famous emperor in India, ShahJahan. It is the most famous destination in India and always attracts thousands of tourist every year- it is easy to see why. The sunsets behind the Taj Mahal are the most beautiful thing you could ever see, it is well documented and it is also very well known. Most tourists hang around until the sunset, before leaving the incredible place.

skywalk-grand-canyon-arizona, usa

Sky-walk at the grand canyon Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon is found in the Arizona. It is known all over the world and brings a big number of tourists throughout the year. The canyon is such an amazing giant hole that will leave you awe. The state of Arizona has played a major role in ensuring that the place is easily accessible and free to visit. They have created a stunning view for visitors to see. They recently came up with the sky walk, which is just incredible, the bottom comprises of high —strength clear glass so that you can view the enormous drop to the very bottom of its ravine.


 The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn has been known for attracting visitors for hundreds of years and there is a valid explanation for this- the place is simply beautiful, it was naturally set amongst some of the most breath taking scenery and gorgeous lakes in the world. The Matterhorn Mountain lies proudly at the heart of this beautiful area The Matterhorn Mountain was never meant for the feint-hearted, its 14,692 feet tall- the reason why it was named the meadow peak. Once you get here, you will understand its worth.

Paro Taktsang monastery Bhutan

Paro Taktsang monastery Bhutan

This is the most stunning monastery in the world. It is a bit hidden from the hustle and bustle of the visitors, but all in all it is the most attractive scenery in Bhutan. It is found at the center of the Paro Valley. Viewing different sights from this place is just astounding, if you visit when the weather is okay, you will be able to witness for hundreds of miles across the stunning land.


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