Music : “Intergalactic” by : Beastie Boys. The Best NYC funk-junkie, groove, techno, experimental, breaking the law vibe, ear splitting mix of rock and rap – music group ever!

Video : VERSION 1 + 2 – Great Video Clip for the Song. Videos of Sebastien Lopez and myself dancing to the song. filmed / edited by Xarj

The Beastie Boys are a hip hop group from the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan.
They are one of the longest-lived hip-hop acts, whose rock and punk-influenced rap has had a significant impact on artists in and outside of the hip hop community. Their live performances often include MCing, funk, jazz and rock. All three of the Beastie Boys are known to perform in matching suits as well. They have recently been honored at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors 2006.


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