As we look around we can see a lot trees whether planted by human or just eventually naturally grown. Try to think about what is the largest noted tree on earth which still exists? This question may guide us in giving reality to our mindful imagination of this natural creation. Through the years, researchers have documented that in Sierra, Nevada, and California you may find the biggest tree in the world. These Giant Sequoias were recognized for its unbelievable volume. An example of this is the General Sherman located at Sequoia National park and has grown for over 2,200 years old. No wonder, we can consider it as a great masterpiece of God and Nature hereon earth.

Several surveyors had visited this tree to check it exact volume and they find it hard to do because of its vast height. It has now been considered as a tourist spot where several people everyday visits and take some memorable pictures with this historic natural creation. Award from surveyors proved that the tree had been judged for its volume in general. Every person who sees the tree will be amazed of it natural wonder. Its existence just proven that nature may exist a lifetime. We human must always put into consideration of saving trees for future generations to appreciate and love. Sad to say that in this modern era, deforestation had been a rampant problem that affected much in our life. Just imagine if we were able to save thousand of these threes we may not suffer global warming. Buts it’s still not too late. We can still plant more trees and for future generations.