In the past years terrorism had been the one of the most serious problem the world is fighting. There have been several listed cities considered as mostly attacked by terrorist. One of these cities is Bogota, Columbia. The city had been severely terrorized by the popular narco-terrorist members. Thousands of people were unlawfully killed in each documented year due to the ongoing conflict between the narcotics and the lawful agencies in the city. Various properties were greatly demolished and kidnapping cases were highly documented for ransom purposes. The indulgence of these unlawful people to destructive criminal acts had been intolerable.

Several countries had made advisories reprimanding people from visiting such city due to unstable security condition. These terroristic attacks seem to pose great danger in all over the nation. Series of car bombings had caused death and injury to number of people in the past decades. These had also caused damages to government and private infrastructures both in rural and urban areas where narco- terrorist are present.  Kidnapping cases seems to lessen this past years but no one could ever be safe since some other criminal groups continue to hold common people and will serve as either a human shield against the government authorities or in exchange on money. Colombian government had already posted their need for assistance from neighboring countries to help resolve this situation. In the past years the U.S. government had assisted in eradicating kidnapping incidents and had initiated several armed attacks to alleviate possible effect of the recurring issue. But besides the Colombian Government’s efforts and its allied country, no one can ever tell when all these attacks will end.