If you have been wondering how you can cool several parts of the house without installing a separate air conditioner in each room, you can just buy a portable air conditioner. If you want to cool parts of the house but your intention is not really to cool them all at the same time, you can buy one, especially if you just want to cool parts of the house only when you are present in a room.

Unlike the common air conditioner that you have to install, the portable air conditioner is refrigeration type, while the former is an evaporative type. This means that in order for the air conditioner to work, the unit needs Freon, a chemical that is used on refrigerators and cars to produce the cool. The portable air conditioner also requires exhaust hoses for venting.

Many types of portable air conditioners exist. The first type is the single hosed units. These kinds of units have one hose that runs from the back of the unit to the vent kit. It can cool a room less effectively than the dual hosed unit, as it can only cool a room with an area of 475 sq ft in a power of 12,000 BTUs(British Thermal Units). It also brings warm air from other rooms to compensate the pressure. The second one was said to be effective versus the single hosed units. Dual hosed units are used for larger rooms, up to about 500 sq ft in area. The dual hosed unit has the same hose as the single hosed unit. However, along with that comes a second hose that is used to suck another set of air from the outside. The dual hosed unit has a cooling power of 12,000-14,000 BTUs. With the second hose, the warm air would be drawn outside for a cooler room.

There are also what you call split units. The two parts – the compressor and the evaporator are in separate units. The split units are said to be advantageous against single hosed and dual hosed units because there would be less noise as it the compressor should be located outside. That is the downside to it though – you have to have a location to place your compressor.

There are also heat and cool units. Basically these units use the warm air and convert them into cool air. It cannot be reversed the other way though. It cannot be used as substitute heaters. You also have to use it in rooms that have a temperature below ten degrees Celsius.

Central air conditioning is used in most businesses. These are vent types. They release the cool air through releasing cooled water. There is also the passive ground source-based cooling which is a type of portable air conditioner that uses the coldness of the underground water and use that as the primary cold to chill the air inside. There are no pumps required but they have to be drilled deep to insert a pipe and a filter.

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