Party TimeHow to Make Any Occasion Memorable
There are a lot of different ways that a person can make any occasion memorable. It really comes down to how much thought you put into it, rather than money. However, there are still a few good tips that anyone can rely on to make any occasion the most memorable ever! Here’s what you need to know:

Plan Ahead
Make sure that you plan out every little detail about the occasion that you are celebrating. This is the best way that a person is going to be able to guarantee that nothing is going to go wrong with your event. Plan ahead so that you can enjoy the party and not worry about it then!

Touch Points
Make sure that everything involved in the event is going to reflect your special occasion. This includes the invitations, table setting, and decorations. You have to think about the big picture. Don’t think “I like that lighting” – think “how will this lighting reflect on the cause for this celebration”?

The Food
Make sure you know what everyone at the event is going to like to eat. Be sure to account for all dietary needs, so that no one feels left out. This is class – making sure all are welcome and at home.

Plenty to Drink
You can never run out of drinks. If everything else crashes and burns, you can always fall back on alcohol! You don’t necessarily need tons of variety (though this can’t hurt), but do supply at least a few different options (some liquor, some wine, and perhaps some classy beer) for everyone’s different tastes. Only do cash bar if it’s appropriate, and if you need to save, encourage everyone to bring liquor to share!

Please your Guests
Think like your guests are going to be thinking. Then you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Walk in where they will, look at the food in the same line they will, etc. etc. Are things awkward, weird, uncomfortable? If so, fix it!

Keep Guests Entertained
Make sure that all of the guests are entertained while they are at your event. This might mean music, it might mean a slideshow, it might mean a full on dance party rave. Who knows? As long as there are no awkward lulls and the event has a generally buzzing feel to it, you’re set.

Personalize the Event
The seventh and final tip is to make sure that the party is going to reflect your personality. You don’t want people to think you just rented out someone else’s party, or that it was generic (yes, even the most expensive parties can seem generic). So, paying attention to the theme or reason for the event, infuse yourself into it, so that everyone can see your trademark charms!

A special Party

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