June 28th, 2009Stunning Pictures

Stunning Pictures

Stunning Pictures This is an amazing picture gallery with truly stunning pictures. A bit of everything for everybody. See some pictures in sky, a guy holding on to the exterior of a train, lots of satellite antennas on the building’s roofs, a cat in attack mode, a dangerous animal as a house pet in Africa, […]

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Amazing Animation Video – Second Souffle

Animation Video Second Souffle by Clément Morin :: Amazing Animation Video This short film is about a dragonfly which is flying through a dark forest. It takes refuge because of rain in a small house and accidentally falls into a strange potion. This magical potion boost the dragonfly and sets it on fire! It flies […]

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Amazing Photoshop Art Gallery – Story within a Story

Mise en Abyme Amazing Photoshop Art Picture Gallery The pictures have two or more “worlds” inside them and these worlds try to communicate or interact together. People trying to exit a photo presented inside the image. A person jumping into a frame. The image on your computer screen physically interacting with the user in front […]

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