Google Analytics Manually Track Clicks

I’ve learnt something about Google Analytics tracking and I want to write it down somewhere to remember it for the future. What better place than my blog so I also let everyone else know about this small Google Analytics tracking Tip. I wanted to precisely track my sidebar outgoing clicks so when I go into […]

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How to Add Extra Line Breaks in WordPress Post

How to add extra line breaks and spaces in your WordPress Posts You are writing a new post in wordpress and are desperately trying to add multiple line breaks and spaces to make your post look nicer and easier to read? You tried adding manual line breaks with the <br /> tag but wordpress visual […]

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Insert YouTube Videos in WordPress

Internet Explorer IE compatibility issues when embeding Youtube videos into WordPress A week ago I inserted some Youtube videos into my blog posts and only a few days later did I notice that the videos were not displaying in Internet Explorer (IE). No problems in Firefox and Opera but once again, Internet Explorer did not […]

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