November 18th, 2008Back in Montreal

Back in Montreal

Montreal I’m officially back in Montreal, Canada! Feels real good especially after the crazy driving and traveling in the last week in Europe! Landed in Montreal Trudeau on Wednesday, November 12. On my way out the airport, I declared my return to Canada to the Canadian customs… More paper work and I was finally out. […]

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Traveling 8391km, 36 hours in 9 days

I like traveling but 8,391km and 36 hours of moving around is too much in 9 days! An average of 932km per day! Ouch! 2,556km driving, 311km by Train and 5524km by Plane! I’m moving back to Montreal so I need to get some of my stuff, prepare my trip back home and say goodbye […]

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August 1st, 2008Tornado in Montreal

Tornado in Montreal

A water spout is a meteorological phenomenon like tornadoes, which rises above the water rather than land. It is accompanied by winds blowing at speeds ranging from 80 to 100 km/h. But Wednesday afternoon, not one but two water spouts were observed above the St. Lawrence River in the Montreal area. The weather phenomenon is […]

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My Trip to Montreal Canada – Video Photos

My Trip to Montreal, Canada – May-June 2008 Sphere Montreal, Expo 1967 Sphere Montreal – Expo 1967 Place des Arts in Montreal Canada Place des Arts in Montreal Canada Church in center of Montreal Saint Catherin street Church in center of Montreal on St Catherine street Begging Raccoon in Mont-Royal mountain Begging Raccoon in Mont-Royal […]

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