Many Me Photoshop Trick
Many Me Photoshop Trick

Many Me - Monsters in the Garden
Many Monsters in the Garden – Image Tips

Image - Many Me in the garden - Tips
Many Me in the Garden – Tips

Are you wondering how i duplicated myself on those pictures? Read on for today’s Xarj’s Image Tips and Tricks! It’s very easy for all you beginners out there. Don’t be afraid to try! It’s loads of fun and you can be certain to have your friends ask how you did it!

What you need :
1- A digital camera with a configurable delay (2 or 10 seconds generally) or a friend will do.
2- A computer
3- Adobe Photoshop
4- A tripod is best but otherwise you can just leave your camera at a fix position

So now place your camera on the tripod, set it to take the photo 10 seconds after you press the button. During the photo shoot, make sure the light is not changing too much. Example, if a cloud hides the sun, try to take all your photos at the same luminosity level. Once your camera is setup, press the photo button and run towards the spot you have chosen to take your first picture. Repeat this step as many times as you like changing only your position in the photo. Make sure the camera takes the exact same picture everytime. Do not move the camera one bit. Make sure you do not overlap yourself on the pictures. Look at my examples, I am never at the exact same spot!

Once you have all your photos, transfer them onto your computer and open them into photoshop. Choose one picture to place all the others on top of it. Now select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, draw a rectangle around yourself and cut the selection (CTRL-X). Now hold SHIFT while you drag and drop your cut item onto your base photo. The item should place itself at the exact position of the original photo. Normally, you now see yourself twice on your base picture and it looks perfect, meaning the background match perfectly. Repeat this step with all the remaining photos and verify your rectangular cut items do not overlap each other. If it is the case, use the eraser tool on the appropriate layer to correct your image. Save your work and voila!

Got a great photo artwork you can show all your friends and use on your MySpace !

Wasn’t that cool? Got any questions? My explanations aren’t clear? LET ME KNOW!

Peace out! – XarJ

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