Daniela Ruah and Mike in James Leicester London

In 2002-2003, i was studying for a marketing bachelor at the London Metropolitan University on Holloway road. I lived in a student hall called James Leicester where i met Daniela Ruah, the beautiful girl on the photo! And guess what, she’s a famous actress now! Congratulations Danni! I feel priviledged to have met you!  I decided to put her picture in this post because she reminds me of the great times i had during my stay in London! Plus she’s a real nice person and deserved the attention!  The student bar was called “Rocket Complex“, on wednesday nights, they had the “Big Fish” event; kinda of a big student party / dance club. I truly miss the wonderful times in London! Lot more partying then actual studying, one of the reason i left after the first year! Too costly for the amount i was learning!

I should talk a little about the music included in this post!!! It’s called “Adore – Big Fish“, i made it using sony acid pro and fruityloops. Sounds very electronic and synth, no piano or guitar. But it’s got a great beat and a wonderful melody. I knew the DJ at the Rocket Complex so i showed him this song which he played on the 10,000 watt sound system for the students to hear. They all started dancing and pulling some groovy dance moves! I was shocked! First time people were interacting with my music! A great feeling! So this is the story behind this great computerized song. Some called this song the summer music! Le hit de l’été! Remember this was many years ago! I was starting to use computer softwares to create my music. A steep learning curve!

Title : “Adore – Big Fish”
By Xarj – for the event “Big Fish” at the student bar the “Rocket Complex” in London.
Available on Xarj’s CD 30.
Music created April 06, 2003

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