I was living in St-Pierre-D’Irube in the Cote Basque near Bayonne when i heard some old friends from MSG Creteil Paris where getting married! WTF !!!  After 3 months. Turns out they had made this shit up and made everyone believe it. Kinda stupid i have to said. Anyways, i made a song for them. Back then i was truly inspired by their love for each other, their commitment etc. They are now living together in Toronto Canada and it does look like they will eventually get married! So my gift to them is already prepared. Back in 2004, i thought my song RULED! Obviously i have improved quite a bit since but with my abilities and capabilities back in the time, that song was real complex and powerful! I wrote the lyrics myself (for once) and made all the instruments. No pre-existing sounds. I sing with a French Quebec accent because it would help them figure out who had wrote this song for them. LE Caribouuuu !!

Sur la route des poissons

I have signed up myself and DOUBLE MINDS to the SFR Jeunes Talents artist contest! If we win, we get to record in a studio with professionals and participate to concerts. I don’t know how the concert part would work out since a lot of the songs need the use of a computer. So thank you for going to their site and to vote for Xarj and Doubleminds! Make sure it’s a 5 on 5 ! Nothing less! =)


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Title : “Aurore and Alex”
By Xarj
Available on Xarj’s CD 35.
Music created September 27, 2004.
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filename : Xarj_CD35_092704_Acid_AuroreAlex_Faster.mp3

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