I wanted to quickly post this latest song called Orbitally !   I was listening to Orbital – Kein Trink Wasser and i really connected! I had to try a song in the same lines!  So i opened ACID and got my Yamaha keyboard connected to the Audio Input of my sound card. Started recording the simple piano sound. 2 chords played once. Then in Acid i was able to duplicate that one piano chord many times to create the skeleton of this song.  This means it’s a loop, which means, sometimes you’ll feel the theme is repeating. You’d be correct! But it doesn’t mean the music is not KICK ASS!!!! Which is the case of this song!! I love it!  I’m all fucked up and i was listening to it, Told myself i had to urgently put it on my BLOG xarj.net.  So here it is!  ENJOY!!  Hope you like it as much as I DO !! =)

Peace Out to all y’all !


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