This song was made by Sebby and Myself! Sebastien has the ability to choose the music loops which offer a mystical edge to the song. Then we both work in ACID in cooperation to achieve a song we both enjoy! Not always easy since we have different minds and preferences. We made two songs which really KICK ASS, check em out! Now Sebatien works as a web designer in Paris and spends his weekends in Lorient with his “friend” Virginie, I, on the other hand live near Toulouse. So approx 700 km from each other. A little difficult to create new songs. I enjoy working with others since the songs end up different from my usual style. But alone, i always have the last word so i can create songs which compell to me first. Anyways. This song rules so let me know what you think!  PEACE OUT!
Je me suis abonne (Xarj) et Double Minds sur le concour SFR Jeunes Talents! Si je gagne, alors je pourrais enregistrer dans un studio and des professionnels et je pourrais participer a des concerts! Je ne sais pas comment le concert pourrais se passer puisqu’il me faut un ordinateur avec ACID pour faire ma musique, mais le studio ca m’interesse a mort! Donc merci d’aller sur le site et de voter pour Xarj et Double Minds! Vous devez vous abonner d’abords. Donner moi un 5 sur 5! Rien de moins! =)

Thank you for listening to my music!
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By Xarj and SEBBY
Available on Xarj’s CD 33.
Music created April 17, 2004.
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filename : Xarj_CD33_041704_Acid_SEBBBXARRRJ.mp3

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