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Since i always name my song according to a certain event in my day, I have called this one Good News! Our family had received some positive news for the business. There, you have a little explanation about my songs titles which often have nothing to do with the lyrics or the song theme. I name my songs before i even start thinking about them. Why? Because i need to give a name to my project filename in ACID Pro. And i’m too lazy to modify the song title after, and it’s a little complicated for the directory structure etc…

Good News has a solid beat! Good grooves and original instruments. But there is something missing! A Voice! I didn’t want to try singing on this one as i hope to find someone; man or woman to improvise some interesting voice on it. If you have a nice voice and a microphone, you can do it! Please contact me at so i can help you out record a good quality voice track. After, you can send me your mp3 or wav file and I’ll mix it into the original song and post it online. Please contact me if you are interested!

Thank you for listening to my music!
I create music for two reasons,
firstly, i truly enjoy it,
secondly, i want people to hear it !
So signup on my PODCAST ! Thanks !

Available on Xarj’s CD 42.
Music created July 28, 2006.
By Arnaud Joakim
Title : “Good News”

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filename : Xarj_CD42_072806_GooDNews.mp3

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