Xarj and Philippe Boudal
DOUBLE MINDS – Xarj and Phil

Sandr is a simple song, one good beat, one good voice loop by Philippe and some funky instrumental sounds. It started out being a test but after some work on it, we were satisfied of the result.  “The face of people passing by!” Simple lyrics yes, but some great songs are minimalist! Gotta think of it as loundge music, chillout.

I have signed up myself and DOUBLE MINDS to the SFR Jeunes Talents artist contest! If we win, we get to record in a studio with professionals and participate to concerts. I don’t know how the concert part would work out since a lot of the songs need the use of a computer. So thank you for going to their site and to vote for Xarj and Doubleminds! Make sure it’s a 5 on 5 ! Nothing less! =)


Thank you for listening to my music!
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Title : “Sandr”
By Double Minds – Phil and Xarj
Available on Xarj’s CD 38.
Music created July 28, 2005.
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filename : Xarj_CD38_072805_Acid_Sandr.mp3

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