Music : “Seb Guitar Loop 5” by : Xarj and Sebastien Belaube (guitar loop)
I’m singing the high and lower pitched voices french style in french language! For someone who is not a singer, it’s not bad! It’s a very simple song, the guitar loop by Sebastien is looped throughout the entire song, the lyrics are from a famous french singer.

Video : In February 2005, it was snowing in the south of France! I lived in the Pays Basque (Basque country) near Biarritz so i recorded some footage this unusal event! So i took a walk with my late dog Titus. He died at age 15! 150 human years for a 35kg dog! Amazing! During those unexpected snow days, i went in Bayonne to take some photos. So included in this video, a moving photo slideshow of great shots in Bayonne

Created : February 24, 2005
filmed / edited by Arnaud J

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