Doubleminds in Studio creating a new songHow original are our titles? Early Jan stands for Early January, and guess what, we made this song on January 8, 2006. For us, titles and lyrics are mainly for marketing purposes! Do you agree? You gotta agree at some extend! Obviously most of the songs you’ll hear on the radio will be precicely thought out songs. Everything was calculated for the maximum number of people to enjoy it. If you create a song purely for yourself, which is the case for us, then you spend more time on what’s important to you. In our case, it’s the instrumentals and the overall melody. Phil if you’re reading this, help me out here! 😉

Guitar Music by Doubleminds - XARJIn the photo above, you see a DoubleMinds music creation session. Myself in front of the dual monitor computer system checking out Phil’s guitar recording which is done with a simple microphone. On the other photo, myself trying to play Phil’s electric Guitar.

Another kick ass song is : “Xarj with Guitar“. I cannot play guitar but i still gave it a shot and recorded some basic notes. With musical computer software, i was able to turn my riffs into a great sounding music! Philippe liked the song so we worked on it and “DoubleMinds” then created their own version of “Xarj with Guitar“.

If you look at the date of this post, it’s March 29, 2007 and today is a very important day for my entourage and Bissac. We are meeting with ReflexGroup in Paris to offer our company a chance in the big league of handbag brands!

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