I spend a lot of time working on my Blog & Podcast and it’s working pretty well. I get between 1000 and 2000 unique visitors everyday but most of them come from images which are very well indexed in Google. Those visitors don’t really care about topics which do not relate to Photos and Images and I have many many topics that have nothing to do with the reason they found my Blog in the first place. That is my Blog’s problem. Too many topics, categories and unrelated posts.

Here is a list of topics covered on my Blog :

What is a Niche?

Specialized market: an area of the market specializing in one type of product or service

Niche Marketing

I don’t know which percentage of Blogs are dedicated to specific niches but I would think the majority is. Every marketing expert will tell you to choose a specific niche for your blog and they are right. But what if you are interested in many different topics and you want to talk about all of those? Should you start five or ten different blogs each on a specific niche? It’s probably the best solution but it’s a lot more work to manage many blogs!

The advantages of choosing a small amount of niches :

  • Your visitors are more loyal. They will come back to read about the topic that interests them.
  • You become a specialist in that area and your blog could become a reference.
  • Your blog will be well situated in the Search Engine SERPS because of high keyword density and possibly backlinks

On my Blog, I’ve added four different RSS feeds to try and help the readers get the content they are interested in. It’s one solution which is possible thanks to wordpress. All the categories can have their own RSS Feed simply by adding /feed/ at the end of the URL.

Interesting articles about Niches :

I’d like to know how you are managing niches on your blog. Have you chosen to write about a particular topic? Does your niche work for you? Do you have the same problem as me? Are there any “easy” solutions for managing many different subjects on one blog? Any advice?

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